US-Telcom provides device to phone and pc2phone, using your dial-up
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US-Telcom uses one of the largest VoIP billing and call routing solution in the
world . US-Telcom deliver high-quality calls to consumers, including small &
medium enterprises.


IP Telephony or Voice over IP is the process of routing calls over an IP network,
rather than using traditional phone lines.  IP networks are designed to carry
packets of compressed, digitized data.  With VoIP, sounds such as the human
voice are changed into digital packets and are routed over the same IP
networks.  Although the ability to carry voice as packets of data has been
around for a long time, it is the advent of the Internet in the late 90's that gave
VoIP the ability to reach a mainstream audience.  As VoIP allows the
by-passing of most or all of the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network
(PSTN), the cost savings offered to the user fueled the rapid growth of Internet
Telephony since.

Today, the single greatest benefit of moving voice over an IP network remains
cost savings.  However, as the technology matures, new highly-personalized,
intelligent applications will be developed, providing customers with exciting
new ways of communicating.
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Works with an ATA
Dial-up device

Now you can use your cordless
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